OPERANEWSHUB Is a different and very easy to use method of earning money using your mobile device with nothing but time,data and devotion to the work put in. Good Money is waiting on operanewshub and I’m here to guide you on how to get it. Earn Extra will provide tips on how to navigate through Operanewshub and ensure that you earn the most and get more positive results.

Below will be the information on operanewshub and how to register and get started:

The above images are representations of how the hub works or rather gives you a representation on what to expect when you sign up for the hub. The Hub is a news article platform where you get any and all types of news updates and by you signing up to be a writer or creator it means you will be dealing with creating articles yourself. You can download the app on play store so you can get started with creating articles or you can use the internet version.

You will be given 5 articles to create a day any of your choosing and whatever category you would want. Operanewshub needs you to be focused to generate money and tips will be shared on the Earn Extra website every week to help you make the most of the platform. Below is the link to register what are you waiting for get started with Earning Extra in your pockets:


EARN EXTRA will provide updates on the hub every week be sure to check the website every week to ensure you get the most out of Operanewshub.



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