Surveys are one of the Methods of making money provided on the Earn Extra site and work well with giving anyone interested extra cash in their pockets but it’s not all easy without effort and knowing what to do in order to get the Best out of the surveys and overall make even more money.

The surveys provided don’t need any validation of any sort like Identity and proof of Address just normal and easy info to get started but even so you won’t be done.

Surveys are the easy part the next part is withdrawing the money you make on said surveys and I’m here to tell you how to do it.

First off you’ll need to get a PayPal account since most of the surveys work in dollars you’ll have to get PayPal as a Third party to help you withdraw the international Funds.

Register with PayPal and get sorted with withdrawing your money but PayPal uses FNB to withdraw the money to you so that means you’ll have to also have an FNB account in order to get the money from PayPal if you don’t have one it’s advisable you open one.

Here’s a link to PayPal to Register:

After registering you’ll have to verify you PayPal account by providing the necessary documents needed.

After that you’ll have to Link your Paypal to your FNB account and this is how to do it:

Make sure to check out the Earn Extra Website every week for updates & Tips on Surveys.



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