YourView is an online Survey Website that provides users ways to make extra cash just by Answering a few surveys.These Surveys are Quick and easy to answer and need little effort to do but they do need you to pay attention so you can always get Great ones.

YourView rewards Users or Participants with “YVT” points in which you can redeem or convert into money when you have enough points needed for the minimum withdrawal.

It’s Quick and easy to get points on YourView.Here is what to expect on the site:

YourView Will send you notifications of New Surveys directly to your email so you won’t miss a thing this makes it easier for you to Answer every survey you’re given and earn more points to redeem as Money.

YourView has various Ways to withdraw your money including Bank transfers and PayPal to name a few.

To sign up to YourView click on the link below and it’ll take you directly to the site:

For more information on these Sites be sure to be on the look out for Weekly updates on the Earnextra webiste.



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